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SVP Casting Call Alert: Large Cast Sought for "A Wicked Christmas Carol"



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Auditions at SVP

A Wicked Christmas Carol


WHEN: Sunday, September 11 at 6 PM, Tuesday, September 13th at 7 PM. Callback Date: Wednesday, 9/14, by invitation only


Synopsis: The Wicked Witch of the West wasn't always that way, and when a ghostly figure whisks her away on a journey through her past, present, and future, she may find a second chance on Christmas Eve. Can familiar faces help to melt the Witch's heart, or is she doomed to melt away herself? A Christmas classic gets a thrilling transformation, set in the magical world of L. Frank Baum's Oz books.

Performance Dates: December 2nd through December 18th, with a special matinee on Saturday, December 10th at 2 p.m.


Director Holly Lessing is seeking the following:

8 to 10 Adults (Male & Female)

10 to 15 Young Actors (ages 10+ including teens)


Character Gender/Age Range Description

JEMKIPH/ Male/ Adult: A kind Winkie man who works for the Wicked Witch of the West. He is a “Bob Cratchit- type character. He has a family that he loves very much, and, while he does not agree with her wicked ways, he is very forgiving of the witch.


WEE WILLIE- Male/ Child: Jemkiph’s son, who is very gentle and good. He walks with a bright yellow crutch. He is the “Tiny Tim”-type character in the play.


WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST/ Female/ Adult: She rules over Winkie Country with cruelty. She wears an eye patch, just like in the book, and is, of course, quite wicked, especially to begin with. In our story, she is like the “Scrooge” character. A very large role, in almost every scene. After her redemption, she is known as “PRESENT LINA” in the script.


WEATHERBY/ Male or Female/ Flexible: Works for the Wicked Witch of the west, and is always flattering her out of fear.


WILLOW/ Male or Female/ Flexible: Also works for the Wicked Witch and is very flattering toward her.


WINDY/ Male or Female/ Flexible: The third Winkie Attendant. Wants to be part of a revolution and doesn’t conceal her dislike for the Witch.


ZUZZY/ Male or Female/ Adult: A flying monkey who prefers to walk, as he gets air sickness. Gender flexible.


GLINDA/ Female/ Adult: The Good Witch of the South. (Yes, the south.) She is dressed in red, the color of Quadling Country, which she rules over with kindness. She is powerful, but gentle, perhaps even dainty at times. She wants the Wicked Witch of the West to come to her Christmas party.


WINKIE CAROLERS/ Male or Female/ Flexible: Age and gender flexible Each have a few lines but do sing the Ozian Christmas Carols.


EURESTIA/ Female/ Adult: In life, she was known as the Wicked Witch of the East. She appears, like Jacob Marley appears to Scrooge, to offer the Wicked Witch of the West a chance at salvation. Instead of wearing chains, however, she is laden with the remains of the house that fell on her—some pieces of lumber, perhaps bricks from a chimney, etc. She is the Wicked Witch of the West’s sister, but not by blood.


TIP / OZMA/ Female/ 12-15: The Ghost of Christmas Past. Though she first appears to be the boy Tip, she is later revealed to be Ozma, the true princess of Oz.


YOUNG LINA/ Female/ 10: Age 10 or thereabouts. This is the Wicked Witch of the West as a child, before she was wicked. She is smart, sweet, and wears an eye patch and poor clothes.


YOUNG EURESTIA/ Female/ 10: Also around 10 or so. She looks up to Young Lina and wants to think of her as a sister.


ROQUAT/ Male/ Adult: He took Lina off the street but is not kind to her. He is stern, stuck-up, and reminds Eurestia that Lina is not her sister by blood.


TEENAGE LINA/ Female/ Late Teen or Young Adult: The Wicked Witch of the West as a young woman. In her first appearance she’s a teenager, perhaps around 17, then appears in her mid-20s in the following scene. She is shy, studious, but beginning to show some darkness.


MOMBI/ Female/ Teen: A snobby, cruel teenage witch who goes to school with Lina and Glinda, but does not have their dedication or talent.


TEENAGE GLINDA/ Female/ Late Teen: Much like adult Glinda, she is kind and powerful, but you do not want to make her angry She is very good friends with Teenage Lina.


OOGABOO/ Male/ Late Teen or Young Adult: A shy, awkward prince from Winkie Country. He appears first at 17 or 18, and then appears in his mid-20s in the following scene. He falls in love with Lina but loses her when she chooses the path of wickedness.


ADELE/ Female/ Young Girl: Oogaboo’s daughter. She has had a nightmare about the Wicked Witch of the West.


SCARECROW/ Male/ Adult: Made of straw. Does not have a brain but is very smart. He is one of the Ghosts of Christmas Present


TIN WOODMAN/ Male/ Adult: Doesn’t have a heart but is very kindhearted and sensitive He is made of tine He is also one of the Ghosts of Christmas Present.


THE COWARDLY LION/ Male/ Adult: Like his name suggests, he is a lion who is very cowardly, but can be brave when he needs to be. He is the last of the three Ghosts of Christmas Present.


MRS. JOCELYN SOFORTH/ Female/ Adult: The wife of Jemkiph, and the mother of Wee Willie, Jol, and Mary Ann. She is a strong woman, a good mother, and a good wife, who has fond memories of what life used to be like before ‘the Wicked Witch of the West was in power.


MARY ANN SOFORTH/ Female/ Young Teen: Jemkiph’s daughter. She is a big fan of Glinda the Good and loves her family and Christmas.


JOL SOFORTH/ Male/ Teen: The eldest of the Soforth children. Studious, and would love to work in the castle.


LOCASTA TATTYPOO/ Female/ Adult: The Good Witch of the North. She doesn’t understand why Glinda holds out hope for the Wicked Witch of the West ever changing her ways.


THIRD GATEMAN/ Male or Female/ Teen: A breathless young man, with a message from the Wizard. Gender flexible—if casting a female, call the character THIRD GATEKEEPER


VOICE OF THE WIZARD OF OZ/ Male/ Adult: A powerful, even scary voice in the dark. Can be pre-recorded Male


DOROTHY GALE/ Female/ Young Teen: The Ghost of Christmas Future. She is a kind, brave girl from Kansas.


EXTRAS/ Males and Females/ All Ages: Party goers and Winkie Carolers.


Special Notes for Auditioners:

*** Readings will be from the script. ***

** Please bring acting resume and headshot as available. **



The theatre is Air-Conditioned and Wheelchair Accessible.


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