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Announcing Fall Public Programs: Free Online Lectures


Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Announcing Our Fall Public Programs Line-Up




SERIES: Messiahs and Messianism


Messianism in Jewish life has long been seen as both dynamic and threatening. But just who or what was a messiah in the eyes of Jews in antiquity? How were such figures received by Jews and non-Jews alike, and what traditions fed messianic narratives? This series delves into the history of Jewish messianic actors and thinkers, including famous and less familiar figures, from the first through the nineteenth centuries.


Jewish Messianism in the Time of Early Christianity

November 1 | 12 PM ET

Matthew Novenson

University of Edinburgh


Eldad Ha-Dani and the Return of the Ten Lost Tribes

 November 8 | 12 PM ET

Micha Perry

University of Haifa


Disputed Messiahs: David Reuveni, Solomon Molkho, and Their Jewish and Christian Audiences

 November 10 | 12 PM ET

Rebekka Voß

Goethe University


Sabbatai Tzvi: A Man, a Messiah, and a Living Myth

November 21 | 12 PM ET

Hadar Feldman Samet

Tel Aviv University


SERIES: Jewish Law and the Constitution


The familiar talmudic statement dina de-malkhuta dina (the law of the kingdom is the law) doesn’t even begin to cover the complex relationship between Judaism and state law. This series will draw out aspects of that relationship as it has evolved and unfolded in the orbit of American constitutional law. Case by case, these talks tell stories of religion and politics, democracy and minorities, theory and practice: law entangled with law.


Displaced Torah? Toward a Theory of Jews and the Constitution

November 29 | 12 PM ET

Noah Feldman

Harvard University


A Fateful Settlement: How the Issue of Theocracy Was Avoided in Kiryas Joel

  December 6 | 12 PM ET

Nomi Stolzenberg

University of Southern California


The Intervention of American Law in Jewish Divorce

December 13 | 12 PM ET

Suzanne Last Stone

Yeshiva University, Cardozo Law School


This series continues in the spring semester.


A Special Opportunity


A 3-Part Mini-Course, two figures made of diamond shapes


MINI-COURSE: Gender and Jewish Philosophy


This course will explore the intersection of gender and the Jewish philosophical tradition, considering how gendered concepts and ideas have shaped the history of Jewish philosophy and how Jewish philosophers have used Judaism to enrich philosophical conversations around gender.


Sara Zagar

St. Olaf College


October 20 | 12 PM ET

October 27 | 12 PM ET

November 3 | 12 PM ET



Registration is for all three meetings and enrollment is limited.




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