Wednesday, August 10, 2022

THIS WEEKEND! A brand-new collection by RU8ICON1 @ Deep Space Gallery




To all our RU8ICON1 fans!

We are very happy to announce that fan favorite Ru8icon1 is back in town for what will be his third solo exhibition at Deep Space. The title of the show, RESTLESS, is a nod to his approach to art from 2020-2022, during the two-year stint of homebound, pandemic-driven isolation in Barcelona.

There are more than two dozen paintings in this new, multi-thematic collection. Ru8icon1 zig-zags through several series, moving away from them and then returning. He jumps through referential time and space and between aesthetic influences as well as conceptual inspirations. The paintings, as always, vibrate with movement and capture the artist's emphatic resistance to static imagery within his own (perhaps reluctantly) static image. Stylistically and technically, signature Ru8icon through-lines are tangibly present.

Join us this Saturday, Aug. 13th, and Sunday, Aug. 14th, (hours below) for the opening weekend of "RESTLESS" and take this opportunity to connect with the artist who will be local for just a short time. This show is magnificent. Come celebrate with us!


*Flyer artwork: a detail shot of "Club Kiss" by Ru8icon1



We hope to see you this weekend—please message us to let us know what day and time you'd like to visit. If you can't make it over, please do check out the show remotely—it will be available online by Saturday evening. Message us with any questions or for a catalog of available works from this show at our email:


77 Cornelison Ave.

Jersey City, NJ 07304


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