Sunday, August 7, 2022

RVCC Students Create Murals for Signify in Bridgewater


team of six students from Raritan Valley Community College’s Arts & Design department recently participated in the creation of three large murals for Signify at its North American headquarters in Bridgewater. Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is a global company pioneering in researching and discovering the potential of light to deliver meaning and positive change to people. The company reached out to RVCC’s Arts & Design department because it wanted to have student artists create the company’s murals.

The RVCC students were led in the project by Professor Ji Yong Kim, Foundations and Painting Coordinator in the Arts & Design department. The three mural designs were developed by RVCC students over three months—and painted over a period of six days—in consultation with representatives from Signify.

Each mural wall focuses on a specific theme that highlights various aspects of the company. The first wall (top image), featuring a plugged-in Earth and Sun, highlights the sustainability aspect of Signify’s activity. The second (right) and third (below) walls focus on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals achieved by Signify. 

In these images, many hands from different backgrounds come together to support a glowing sapling on the second wall. The sapling evolves into a fully-grown tree on the third wall. The tree is part of an urban park, where people are interacting and engaging in various activities in harmony with the tree. Taken together, the three walls reflect the great societal benefits derived from the interconnectedness of sustainability and DEI that underlie Signify's global operations.

The six RVCC student artists who created the design and painted the murals are Christina (Zanara) Dean, Ryin Galaini, Delia Mchendry, Israel Garcia, Lindsey Scheier and Sarah Lopez.

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