Friday, July 15, 2022

"The Spirit of Ruchel Leah"—New Holocaust Book Being Released

The Spirit of Ruchel Leah book release
WHEN: July 24, 2022
Pre-release autographed copies are available from La Vie Galerie LLC via Pay Pal to or by contacting Vladimir Rios. ($35. free US shipping).

La Vie Galerie LLC is proud to announce that The Spirit of Ruchel Leah, both print ($35.) and eBook ($13.99) version will be released and will be available for order at most national and independent bookstores.

Imbued with hope, courage, and resiliency, The Spirit of Ruchel Leah by Lester Blum, recounts the story of one woman’s determination for more than mere survival in the face of unimaginable obstacles. The book is based on letters written by Ruchel Leah from Poland to her family in New York from 1938-1941 further enhanced by commentary on her correspondence and the correspondence of extended family members after the war. The commentary encompasses all aspects of the Holocaust placing the letters into historical, social, and religious context.

Stymied by the bureaucracy of the United States immigration policies, Ruchel Leah pursued obtaining the proper documentation so her daughter, Elka could immigrate to “The Golden Land.” As the murderous wings of the Nazi hordes enveloped Poland, the family fled east into Soviet Russia. Until her final letter, Ruchel Leah continued to express her resolution to save at least one child from the Holocaust.

Then, silence. Ruchel Leah, her husband, Anschel Taus, daughters, Elka and Surcha, and her brother, Moshe Blum were lost in the milieu of the Holocaust.

In writing The Spirit of Ruchel Leah, parallel yet divergent sagas of survival emerged, each unique and with different conclusions. Consistent throughout was the unimaginable determination, courage, and persistence for survival exhibited to protect and save their families, particularly their children.

The Spirit of Ruchel Leah is a wide-ranging Holocaust book which takes the reader on a complete educational journey. The book is international in scope, bringing the reader from Poland and New York to Belarus, Soviet Russia, Cuba, Cyprus, Israel, Brazil, and Paris.

A powerful story of hope and resiliency, The Spirit of Ruchel Leah is a skillfully written memoir weaving the individual stories together into the context of history. Tension and despair mounts with the presentation and commentary of each letter.

Our legacy is The Spirit of Ruchel Leah.

“For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.” —Eli Wiesel, Holocaust survivor

We will never forget!