Tuesday, July 5, 2022



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Bach, Bagels, and Bob Returns

New Music in the 21st Century


What does "New Music" mean in the 21st Century?

 Maestro Robert W. Butts welcomes composers David Williams and Michael DeMaio and violinist Emily James to Bach, Bagels, and Bob on Saturday, July 9, at 10:00 AM to discuss creating and interpreting new music in today's world.

Maestro Robert W. Butts recently made his Paris debut as conductor and composer. In collaboration with The New York Classical Music Society, he premiered his composition Strings Along the Seine.

Violinist Emily James has performed new music as a member of the orchestra and with The Evergreen Violin Trio.

Composer David Williams has had his music performed frequently by leading chamber ensembles as well as at BONJ concerts.

Composer Michael DeMaio has had his chamber music performed by the Amelia String Quartet and his theatrical works performed in New York City.

Join us as we discuss composing and performing new music.

 The show is free, but registration is required.

Bach, Bagels, and Bob is presented through Zoom on the internet.

Click here to register for the July 9 show

 As part of the BONJ Summer Music Festival, new works by David Williams, Michael DeMaio, and Maestro Butts will be performed at the Madison Community Arts Center on July 31 at 2:00 PM.