Monday, July 11, 2022

"At Home with Poems" Starts Next Week


Have you signed up for At Home with Poems?

This free online program is brought to you by Dodge Poetry and runs from July 18 - July 24. Participants will receive a daily e-mail bringing poetry, mindfulness and creativity straight to their inbox.

Whether you are a longtime poet or poetry lover, a teacher or student, or simply curious about poetry, At Home with Poems will offer you a refreshing take on engaging with poems and tending to your creativity.

Participants receive:

  • A curated packet of contemporary poetry
  • Activities for centering and grounding, and connecting with poems
  • Writing and journal prompts 
  • Access to the Dodge Poetry Festival Video Library

You can also join our online Community space, where members connect with each other and engage in conversations with and about poetry. We'll post discussion topics throughout the week, and you can respond, share which poems are your favorite and why, reflect on the day's activities and prompts, and get to know each other. 


If you have already registered, share this email with a friend who might like to join! Click the button below to access the sign-up form.



Best wishes,

Dodge Poetry