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JUNE 11, 2022

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American Political History Conference at Purdue University      

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This Saturday, American History TV will be live from West Lafayette, Indiana, as we cover the American Political History Conference at Purdue University. Historians from across the country will discuss a variety of topics including energy politics, presidential scandals and constitutional history. In addition, authors of recently published books about urban politics will join us to talk about their work on the history of redlining, gentrification and public housing. 


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Congress, Nixon & the Environmental Protection Agency 

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Bob Bostock is a former chief speechwriter to Christine Todd Whitman, the Environmental Protection Agency's Administrator under George W. Bush. He joins us to talk about the EPA's origins and the environmental politics and policies of the 1970s – including the Clean Air Act signed by President Nixon on December 31, 1970.


"The bill passed again by a huge bipartisan majority. It's almost unfathomable. I don't think you get majorities that big on naming post offices." 

—BOB BOSTOCK on the Clean Air Act signed by President Nixon



What happened this week in history? 

  • June 5, 2004: Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, died at the age of 93.
  • June 6, 1944: Allied forces carried out Operation Overlord, commonly known as D-Day, and stormed the beaches of Normandy, France.
  • June 7, 1942: The Battle of Midway in the Pacific ended. A major naval victory over Japanese forces, it took place six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. 
  • June 7, 1939: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain visit the U.S. - the first British king to do so.



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Any follower of C-SPAN knows the name Harold Holzer, a lifelong aficionado and chronicler of Abraham Lincoln. He has either written or edited fifty-four books on America's 16th president. President Lincoln has been Mr. Holzer's avocation over these many years while he maintained full-time work and responsibilities for 23 of those years as senior vice president for public affairs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He currently serves as director of Hunter College's Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute.

Recently, he talked about his favorite pastime, Mr. Lincoln, before an audience at Purdue University. Students were able to ask many questions about Abraham Lincoln and how the media has treated some of the other 45 presidents in our country's history. Listen now on Booknotes+.

The Weekly

It seems that Roe v. Wade is always in the news, always a part of the political debate. It's been that way for nearly 50 years since the Supreme Court decided the landmark case back in 1973, with Justice Harry Blackmun writing the opinion that legalized abortion. 

In this episode of C-SPAN's The Weekly we look back at Justice Blackmun, what he said about his legacy being forever associated with that famous opinion ... and the big prediction he flat out got wrong. Listen now on The Weekly.

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