Monday, June 6, 2022




June 2022

Thank you again for joining us at our May screening of Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast. Our final film for the season will be Van Gogh, a 1991 film by the visionary director Maurice Pialat. All his life Pialat was fascinated by Van Gogh, and he also directed a 1965 documentary about his life. Van Gogh is a masterpiece of contemporary cinema on one of history’s most important painters. Please come and support New Wave and La Cinematheque.
Next year’s schedule and membership structure will appear in the August Newsletter. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of La Cinematheque, we will screen ten classic foreign films and contemporary films from all over the world. We need your support to continue this work of love. Thank you to Essex County, Cinema Lab and everyone who has supported our vision for the past 10 years. 

Gerard Amsellem
New Wave Productions