Tuesday, June 14, 2022

@AMNH: Discover the Beauty of Extinct and Endangered: Insects in Peril




Extinct and Endangered: Insects in Peril


Discover the beauty and significance of 40 incredible but imperiled insect species selected from specimens in the Museum’s research collection. Experience these tiny animals’ outsized impact on our planet through the powerful macrophotography of Levon Biss, which allow you to explore microscopic details in massive photos, up to 4.5 feet by 8 feet in size, each created from up to 10,000 individual images.

Don’t miss this chance to see some of nature’s most incredible and endangered species as you’ve never seen them before. This stunning new exhibition is included with any admission to the Museum and opens Wednesday, June 22.





Brightly colored butterfly with wings spread.

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The Museum gratefully acknowledges Robert & Ipek Gibbins and Autonomy Capital for their leadership support of Extinct and Endangered.

Generous support has been provided by the Arthur Ross Foundation.

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