Monday, May 9, 2022

MAC BETH will stream for two weeks only!




“Erica Schmidt’s bloody MAC BETH, an adaptation of the Shakespeare play that with its all-female cast becomes a raucous, sometimes impish, very dark-edged revel.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES




We're thrilled to announce another opportunity to enjoy the Red Bull Theater experience right here at your computer, in the palm of your hand, or on your smart TV. We're opening our archive and sharing our celebrated 2019 production MAC BETH for two weeks only from May 16-29, 2022.

This production of William Shakespeare's MACBETH was adapted and directed by Erica Schmidt and features Sharlene Cruz, Isabelle FuhrmanSophie Kelly-Hedrick, Ismenia Mendes, AnnaSophia RobbLily Santiago, and Ayana Workman.

On an autumn afternoon, in an empty lot outside the city, seven girls meet up to do a play. School uniform tartan transforms in this American urban wasteland. The girls are witches, ghosts, and kings. They hurl headlong into the unchecked passions of MACBETH —in Shakespeare’s original text—as the line between real life and blood fantasy quickly blurs. Through prophecies and smartphones, unexpected resonances emerge from Shakespeare’s dark nightmare of ambition gone awry. These young women discover what's done cannot be undone.



Are you an educator? Are you a parent or grandparent? Are you an aunt or uncle? Do you know a school-age young person that might like to experience Shakespeare as part of their education?

New and existing education partners can receive free access to the show for their students. Additionally, an extremely limited number of interactive residency activities are also available. If you would like more information, simply complete this form.