Thursday, May 12, 2022

In the mood for a comedy? Chester Theatre Group has just the ticket!



SUNRISE UNCERTAIN! NIGHT CONTINUES TO FALL! Story at 11. WCTG's crack reporting team brings you the moment-by-moment action. Join Frank in the studio, John in the field, Constance at home and Michael the legal advisor, as they ask: Are the animals alright with this? Perhaps someone left a note? What was said on bended knee? What did The Witness see? And perhaps most important: Who will tuck us in? In what promises to be an event unlike any other, you've got questions, WCTG has answers.

We hope.




Scott Avery

Christine Talarico

Derek Egidio

Jason Kruk


Kevin Cluff


Director: Sean Runnette

Stage Manager: Rachel Lichter Friden

Producer: Stephen Catron



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Thank You