Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Critics Love THE GIANT VOID! Get your tickets!




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Must Close May 22




" affirming...with an impish sense of humor!"
—Jay Lustig, NJ Arts


Jesse Castellanos, Valerie Terranova, Darin F. Earl II and John P. Keller in The Giant Void In My Soul.


"Director Rajesh Bose has assembled a quartet of brilliant actors!"
—Ruth Ross, NJ Arts Maven


Valerie Terranova and Darin F, Earl II in The Giant Void In My Soul


"....poignant and hilarious"—Ruth Ross, NJ Arts Maven


Celebrate the return of live theatre with this existential comedy inspired by Don Quixote, with echoes of Waiting for Godot and Abbott and Costello!

When Fool 1 discovers the Giant Void in their soul, they and their loyal best friend Fool 2 set out on a Quixotic quest to fill it. Will food and alcohol do it? What about jobs, marriage, procreation, or even self-reflection?

Can anything fill this damn void?!