Tuesday, April 5, 2022

MOCACREAT at Home: Remember with Willow Crowns 🍃 for Qing Ming 💐




MOCACREATE at Home: Remember with Willow Crowns for Qing Ming


MOCACREATE at Home: Remembering with Willow Crowns for Qing Ming


Today is Qing Ming (清明), a time to honor our ancestors and visit their resting places. Willows and their leafy branches are thought to represent new life and ward off evil, so they are a common sight during Qing Ming. Join MOCA educator Alice in learning more about this important holiday and then create a willow branch crown to wear or give as an offering.

Download the willow leaf template here: 

We’d love to see how you choose to remember your loved ones. Send a picture of your willow branch tributes to, tag us @mocanyc, or use the hashtags #mocanyc, #MOCACREATE, or #MOCACREATEatHome.





Coming Up! MOCAKIDS Storytime at Home: Bloom into Spring!



It’s time to bloom! Let’s bloom into spring together with Goodbye Winter by Kenard Pak and Happy Springtime! by Kate McMullan. Get ready for the warm sunny weather, the blooming flowers, and all the baby animals born into spring! Join us for stories, songs, and crafts in this week’s MOCAKIDS Storytime. Wear something bright or colorful to represent spring.

Thursday, April 14th, 4 - 4:45pm ET



MOCAKIDS Storytime is free to the public. Please note that this workshop will be recorded via Zoom and available on Facebook Live for one week.



In Case You Missed It!


MOCACREATE at Home: Tell Us a Story —Opera Costumes


MOCACREATE at Home: Tell Us a Story - Opera Costumes


Have you ever been to the opera or heard opera music? What about Chinese opera? For this week’s MOCACREATE at Home, we’re exploring the vibrant world of Cantonese opera, the different roles actors play, and their unique costumes. Then, we’re making our own opera puppets with materials from home! What role will your puppet play? Put on an opera performance at home for your family and friends to see!

Download our template for puppet hands and headpieces here:

We’d love to see your Chinese opera puppets in action! Tag #MOCANYC and #MOCACREATEathome on social media, DM us @mocanyc, or email





MOCACREATE at Home: Make Your Stamp on History


MOCACREATE at Home: Make Your Stamp on History


You’ve probably used stamps to mail letters and postcards, but have you ever wondered how stamp designs are chosen? The post office creates stamps to celebrate holidays, recognize significant events, and honor important people, but there are so many remarkable people who aren’t on stamps yet. Have you noticed how few Asian Americans are featured? For Women’s History Month, we wanted to honor the amazing accomplishments of some of our favorite Chinese American women. Swipe to learn how to make your own stamp! 

Who do you think should be on a stamp? Share your designs with us by tagging#MOCANYC and #MOCACREATEathome on social media, DMing us @mocanyc, or emailing





MOCACREATE at Home: Lighting the Way for the Winter Olympic Games


MOCACREATE at Home: Lighting the Way for the Winter Olympic Games


Swipe to learn more about the Winter Olympics, read about our favorite Asian American athletes, and make your very own Olympic torch. What sport do you want to get the gold medal for? 

Want to share the light from your torches? Tag #MOCANYC and #MOCACREATEathome on social media, DM us @mocanyc, or email



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