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FROM THE FOLGER: Shakespeare Plus: Batman and Hamlet, birds of the Bard, a new quiz, and more



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Leonard Barkan on Reading Shakespeare Reading Me

In his new book, Princeton professor Leonard Barkan compares reading Shakespeare to looking in a mirror. Barkan joins us on the Shakespeare Unlimited podcast to discuss Reading Shakespeare Reading Me, which combines memoir and literary criticism as he analyzes ten Shakespeare plays and their parallels to his life.


Birds of Shakespeare: The Barnacle Goose

Supported by a Folger fellowship, artist Missy Dunaway aims to catalog every bird mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays and poems—at least 65 species. We're featuring these birds in a monthly series, starting with the barnacle goose. Did you know that in Shakespeare's time, this bird was believed to evolve from driftwood?






Folger's Black Shakespeare Course Receives Award

At this year’s annual April meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America, the Folger received the 2022 Shakespeare Publics Award for its Black Shakespeare course developed in partnership with Reconstruction, an online education company.

This award "recognizes pioneering and/or culturally significant efforts to foster, engage, support and sustain broad and diverse Shakespeare publics through teaching, scholarship, performance and/or activism."

Designed for middle and high school students, the five-unit course explores and celebrates the strong—and often unknown—connections between Black people and Shakespeare.




The Bard and The Batman

Austin Tichenor uses the new Batman film, starring Robert Pattinson, to draw connections between the caped crusader and Shakespeare's Hamlet.


hyacinth flowers

Five Folger Finds: A Spring Bouquet

We’ve gathered a bouquet for you of flowers in the Folger collection, including some referenced by Shakespeare. Enjoy these five blooms in celebration of spring.


Quiz: Shakespeare's Lesser-Known Plays

You might be familiar with A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet. But what about the Shakespeare plays that are considered more obscure?




The Wonder of WIll - An Expansive New Vision





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Image Credits: Barnacle goose painting by Missy Dunaway | Robert Pattinson in The Batman. TM & © 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. | Wayne T. Carr (Pericles) in Pericles. Folger Theatre, 2015. Photo by Teresa Wood.