Friday, April 29, 2022





That Golden Girls Show!


Celebrate the Farewell Performance of That Golden Girls Show premiering Off-Broadway tonight! You can find out how to purchase tickets below! 

Arguably, the most important show ever made, this new parody spoofs classic Golden Girls moments – with puppets! Get set for cheesecake, laughter, jazzercise, shoulder pads, sex, and the elegant art of the quick-witted put down.




What Else Is Playing? 



On the one year anniversary of the longest shutdown in Broadway history, a multigenerational group of Broadway ensemble members come together to dance, reflect on the year that was, and what the world's largest stage can learn from this Intermission to come back for a stronger and more equitable Act 2. This behind-the-scenes look features cast members from the biggest hits on Broadway in an up-close and honest way examining their love of performing and how they can be the change they want to see in the world and in the industry they love.



Live from Gramercy Park

Starving actors, royal massages, tequila headshots, and parental disappointments. Critically acclaimed cabaret artists and Broadway actors Molly Pope, Karine Plantadit, Daphne Rubin Vega and more come together for a night of singing, shenanigans and more at Live from Gramercy Park. Explore the alternate, funky side of musical theatre by binging the series today!