Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Get Outside, Spring is Coming!


This Week:

lunch and learnVIRTUAL LUNCH & LEARN

Deer Me!March 17

White-tailed deer are both a scourge and a beauty in NJ.  How did we get to this point?  You'll be amazed to learn the history of deer in NJ and their adaptations for survival.  Learn solutions for keeping deer out of gardens.

The Story of TulipsMarch 24

Did you know that tulips used to be worth more than gold?  Discover their amazing history and botany of this garden favorite.

Check it out!

Cost: $10 per household. Preregistration required.



March 19

The art of when, where and why to prune!  Often, the art of pruning is reduced to gas powered shears and the production of green meatballs!  Bruce Crawford, Manager of Horticulture, will discuss the various methods of pruning small trees and shrubs, the time of year certain plants should be pruned and how proper pruning can produce a healthier, more attractive and longer-lived plant.  Learn more here!

Cost: $40 per person. Preregistration is required.



March 21

Skunk Cabbage may be stinky, but it sure is amazing!  Did you know that it makes its own heat to melt snow or that it's the first flower of the spring?  Discover all of the plant's secrets as you hunt for it emerging along the trails, guided by a naturalist.  You'll never look at skunk cabbage the same way again!  Click here to learn more.

Cost: $5 per person. Preregistration is required.

Look What’s Coming:

frog jamboreeFROG JAMBOREE

Frog Walk for AdultsMarch 28

This walk for adults only will visit various vernal pools in the forest to view the mating rituals of the spring peepers and wood frogs, visible only during a short window each spring.  Learn about the frogs' fascinating adaptations for survival and many other interesting facts. Sign me up!

Frog Jamboree at Pyramid MountainMarch 29

The spring peepers and wood frogs are calling from the forest pools.  Learn all about these two frogs while listening to their chorus and spy on them from the trails on a naturalist-led walk. Rain or shine. Check it out!

Cost: $10 per child. Preregistration required.


fashion in the booksVIRTUAL FASHION IN THE BOOKS

March 23

In celebration of Women’s History month, join Curator Melanie Bump and take a special virtual look in the MCPC Rare Book Collection, with a focus on the changing face of women’s fashion over the past two hundred years. Discover the elegant, extravagant and ridiculous clothing choices that became fashionable. Get a sneak peek at some of our clothing collection.  Click here for more info.

Cost: $10 per person. Preregistration required.


plants of early springPLANTS OF EARLY SPRING TOUR

March 23

Walk the gardens and forest trails to find the earliest emerging plants of the growing season! This walk is moderately hilly. Click here for more info.

Cost: $15 per person. Preregistration required.



March 31

Join us for a wonderful cuppa tea! Learn the history of tea and create your own original blend to take home. No experience necessary, all supplies provided. Click here for more info.

Cost: $15 per person. Preregistration required.


lamb frolicLAMB FROLIC!

April 2, 3, 9, and 10

Meet the newest arrivals to the farm! Help the farmers socialize the baby lambs by playing with them one on one.  Everyone will have a change to pet and hold a lamb. To register please call, 973.326.7645. Meet the babies!

Cost: $50 per lamb. Maximum 2 people per lamb. *No exceptions!* Preregistration required.