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FROM THE FOLGER: Shakespeare Plus: Argentine film, actors taking on tyrants, a new quiz, and more




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Matías Piñeiro on His Shakespeare-Adjacent Films

Argentine filmmaker Matías Piñeiro has developed a cycle of six beautifully filmed movies he calls “The Shakespeare Reads,” all of which are based around the female roles in Shakespeare’s comedies. Listen to an interview with Piñeiro about his unique approach to his work and his craft.


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Actors Taking on Tyrants: To Be or Not to Be

A Polish theater troupe outwits the Nazis in Ernst Lubitsch’s 1942 comedy "To Be or Not to Be," filmed as Hitler was devastating Europe. Austin Tichenor explores how the movie finds the tonal sweet spot between fanciful comedy and grim reality, presenting Shakespeare as the ultimate plea for humanity.





Folger Theatre Presents Nathan the Wise at Theater J

Find Folger Theatre in new places this season as our building remains closed for renovation. In-person theater performances begin again with Nathan the Wise, produced in association with Theater J, onstage Mar 16 - Apr 10. Streaming-only tickets are available for those unable to attend in person.

This funny and timely 18th-century Shakespeare-styled play about 12th-century Jerusalem is chock full of mistaken identities, foiled romances, and relationships across cultural and religious divides. Watch a video invitation from Folger Director Michael Witmore to join us for a special Patron Night on Wed, Mar 23, at 7:30pm. Tickets are $45 (using code FSLMBR22), with a reception following the performance.

Next up for Folger Theatre is A Midsummer Night's Dream this summer at the National Building Museum and The Tempest this fall at Round House Theatre. Subscribe today to get tickets to all three productions at the best price.




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What's Onstage in March

What's onstage this month? We check in with our theater partners across the United States, including Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, which continues their run of Hamlet through Mar 20.


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Recipes for Plague Remedies

Plague cures are often found in household recipe books of Shakespeare’s time. A Folger fellow writes about the circulation of information and misinformation through these recipes.


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Quiz: Characters Who Share Names

Which Shakepeare play does Portia appear in? More than one! Take the quiz to see if you can identify some of the Shakespeare characters who share names with characters in other plays.





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The Wonder of WIll - An Expansive New Vision





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