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FEB. 19, 2022

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Washington at the Plow | International Conference on WWII
Sunday on Q&A: Ryan Walters and The Jazz Age President



Bruce Ragsdale, Washington at the Plow: The Founding Farmer and the Question of Slavery on The Presidency

Watch it: 2 pm ET Saturday


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How did George Washington's experimentation with farming influence his views on slavery? Author Bruce Ragsdale offers his thoughts in Washington at the Plow: The Founding Farmer and the Question of Slavery. The National Archives hosted this event.



International Conference on World War II

Watch it: 2:55 pm ET Saturday


Watch a preview.


American History TV presents coverage of the recent International Conference on World War II in New Orleans. Programs include:
Women & World War II
Navigating World War II History
Women Reporting on World War II


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Coming up Sunday on C-SPAN


On almost all presidential rankings lists, you will find Warren Harding's name at or near the bottom. On C-SPAN's 2021 survey of presidential historians, he was 37 out of 44. Historian Ryan Walters argues that while Harding had his faults, his accomplishments — including bringing the country back to normalcy after WWI and setting out an economic plan that led to the Roaring Twenties — are often overlooked when assessing his presidency. In his book, The Jazz Age President, Mr. Walters lays out his case for why President Harding should rank higher. He joins Q&A at 8 pm ET Sunday on C-SPAN.


New from C-SPAN Podcasts


At age 81, Dwight Chapin has decided, for the first time, to write about his years in politics and the Nixon White House. His book is called The President's Man: The Memoirs of Nixon's Trusted Aide. Hear our conversation with him in the latest episode of Booknotes+.

About Books
In a new episode of About Books, we talk with Charles Kesler, editor of the Claremont Review of Books, about conservative books and publishing. 
The Weekly
Thirty years ago, Bill Clinton came in second in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary. But "The Comeback Kid" won the story line — on his way to winning the 1992 nomination and then the White House. In a new episode of The Weekly, we remember one of the most surprising and dramatic presidential primaries in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation history — 30 years ago this month.

Also: This week on the Lectures in History podcast, American University professor Joseph Campbell teaches a class about the 1972 Watergate scandal and what he calls “the myth of heroic journalism.”

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