Friday, February 25, 2022

NJPL Announces 2022 Residency Plays!



The New Jersey Play Lab is proud to announce our 2022 Residency plays!

Headshot of Eric Craft. He is smiling confidently at the camera.

Headshot of Edwin Rivera-Arias. He is looking toward the camera with a serious expression.

Dining on the Truck-Side, Or The Untold Story of the Turnpike Greats
by Ravin Patterson

Mistrust, misgivings, and the American Dream. Oh, my. Dining on the Truck-side, or the Untold Story of The Turnpike Greats is a tale about unlikely heroes struggling to overcome the challenges of their often dysfunctional and determined existence, one hour at a time.

Headshot of Ravin Patterson. She is looking at the camera with a confident expression.

The Golden Door
by Lia Romeo

What does it mean to be an American, and how much is it worth giving up? In 1902, an Italian peasant girl is detained at Ellis Island. In 2047, an American teenager tries to cross the border into Canada to escape a country ravaged by disease. The Golden Door explores immigration through the ages and asks what truly makes America great.

Headshot of Lia Romeo. She is looking to the right with a neutral expression on her face.

Un Hombre
by Stephen Kaplan

Un Hombre is a modern-day golem story about Rebecca Wolfson, a recently widowed single mother, who makes a clay man that comes to life and serves as a Bar Mitzvah and Spanish tutor for her 12-year-old son. As mother and son get wrapped up in the distractions that this seemingly perfect solution to their problems offers, the clay man begins questioning his own existence and purpose, forcing all three to confront the truths they’ve all been avoiding.

Headshot of Stephen Kaplan. He is smiling at the camera confidently.

The Cousins (Rhymes with Dozens)
by Benjamin V. Marshall

A new play revolving around two cousins who lived in Newark's Central Ward during the tumultuous year of 1967: Miriam, who moved away years ago, and Delores, who has stayed and grown more embedded in the neighborhood and in her own recollections of the past; ‘Things they don’t put in those history books.’ When Miriam's son asks his Aunt Delores to help him with a historical documentary he is filming, she is forced to confront whether she is holding on to the past, or if the past is holding on to her.

Headshot of Benjamin V. Marshall. He is looking to the camera with a confident expression.

Meet the Selection Committee

Sandrine Dupiton, Emily Dzioba, Erin Gruodis-Gimbel

Bonnie Georgette Hamlett, Cheryl Katz, James Kenna

Alexis Krysten Morgan, Elizabeth Moyer, Kaitlin Stilwell