Monday, February 21, 2022

FROM THE FOLGER: Shakespeare Plus: Black History Month, the Bard's Wordle, 18th-century women athletes, and a new quiz




Love Wordle?

Try the Folger's spin on this popular game, Prattle, which uses only words found in Shakespeare's plays and poems.



William Shakespeare

Shakespeare, Influencer

Stephen Marche catalogs Shakespeare’s influence on (among other things) sex, language, psychology, and starlings, for this episode of Shakespeare Unlimited.


woman runner

Going for the Gold

A Folger fellow and former Olympian shares images and stories of 18th-century women athletes in England who competed in races, fights, cricket matches, and more.




valentines using Shakespeare quotes


Black History and Culture

Here are a few ways to celebrate Black History Month with the Folger:

  • Listen to a Shakespeare Unlimited podcast episode with Dr. Freda Scott Giles about Shakespeare in the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Try a recipe for akara (black-eyed pea fritters) developed by chef Michael W. Twitty (author of The Cooking Gene) for the Folger exhibition First Chefs.
  • Stream a recent performance of jazz and poetry with acclaimed pianist Cyrus Chestnut and poets Kyle Dargan and Lenard D. Moore.




two lovers

Quiz: Shakespeare Lovers

Shakespeare’s comedies and romances are full of lovers. See if you can match each pair of lovers with the Shakespeare play in which they appear, and then share this quiz with your valentine.


Untitled Othello Project residency

Untitled Othello Project

Keith Hamilton Cobb reflects on his play American Moor and how it led to the development of the Untitled Othello Project, a deeply scrutinizing exploration of Shakespeare's text.


What's Onstage in February

We check in with our theater partners to see what's onstage this month, such as Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Shakespeare: Drum and Colours, a rotating repertory of Hamlet and As You Like It.





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