Tuesday, February 15, 2022

From AMNH: How Can a Pandemic End?




An illustration of rabbits and clusters of viruses


How Can a Pandemic End?

In the newest video from the Museum’s Viruses, Vaccines, and COVID-19 resource hub, find out what the story of rabbits in Australia can tell us about how an epidemic might transition to an endemic disease. See why measures like masking, physical distancing, and, most importantly, vaccines are critical tools in fighting the virus that causes COVID-19.





Artist's rendering of DNA string, coronavirus molecules, a mask and other COVID-19-related iconography.

Viruses, Vaccines, and COVID-19

Watch the other three videos in our series to learn more about the science of viruses and vaccines, and discover articles and other resources, at the American Museum of Natural History’s Viruses, Vaccines, and COVID-19 webpage.





Hand holding a vaccination sticker of the Blue Whale in front of the Blue Whale


Get Vaccinated Under the Blue Whale!

New York City residents can receive their free COVID-19 vaccination in the lower level of the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. An added bonus: Everyone who receives their vaccination at the Museum will get a voucher for a complimentary future visit to the Museum for up to four people.





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