Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Making Plans Amidst Winter's Stillness


Dear Friends,

As the quiet of a snowy day descends upon the garden, one might think there is little else happening at Greenwood. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Our dedicated horticulture staff takes advantage of the winter months to prune hedges and tidy the garden, plan and order the new plantings for spring, inventory our landscaping tools, and prepare for the volunteer hands we will welcome to the garden as the new season unfolds.
Inside at Greenwood, planning has also been our unifying theme. We are delighted to be presenting a wide variety of entertaining and educational opportunities in the coming season, from new on-site tours and lectures, to concerts, workshops, and more, all safely and conveniently situated outside in the garden and on the West Terrace. We hope you will join us!
Each season, we invite our members to a host of private events that provide unparalleled ways to experience the garden in all its splendor and at different times of day. These exclusive events include a pre-season tour to view the delicate, yet sumptuous new blossoms of our star magnolias, cherry trees, and lilacs. Members will have the chance to amble through the garden and immerse themselves in the brilliant display the moment the blooms reach their peak!

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. A Greenwood Gardens Membership is a thoughtful and enduring gift for your sweetheart that offers many opportunities to experience the rejuvenating effects of nature in a beautiful, historical setting, throughout the season!
We are eagerly awaiting spring as, no doubt, you are, and look forward to welcoming you back when we reopen on May 1, 2022, not too long from now.   

Warm wishes,

Abby O'Neill
Executive Director

Photos courtesy of Vicki Johnson

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