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Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum
30th Anniversary of Justice Thomas' Confirmation
On Booknotes+: "The History Guy"


Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum  
on The Presidency

Watch it: 2 pm ET Saturday


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The 31st president's great-grandson, Allan Hoover III, talks about how the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch, Iowa, will evolve in coming years. The smallest library and museum in the National Archive's presidential library system, it was dedicated in 1962 and then rededicated in 1992 by former President Ronald Reagan.


“The first time I visited the library after that renovation, I remember I felt that all the glass cases were gone, and I felt I was transported into Herb and Lou's life. ... That was terrific for 1992, but I think what I've just shown you is perfect for 2022, 2023 and beyond, as we hope it creates a new feeling of wonderment and inspiration so the world can learn about these great Americans.”




30th Anniversary of Justice Thomas' Confirmation to the Supreme Court

Watch it: 9:55 am, 12:55 pm & 9:55 pm ET Saturday


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Associate Justice Clarence Thomas and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speak at a Heritage Foundation event marking the 30th anniversary of Justice Thomas' confirmation to the Supreme Court. Senator McConnell speaks about the importance of the judiciary, while Justice Thomas thanks all those who helped and supported him along the way as he reflects on his time on the Supreme Court.


Coming up Sunday on C-SPAN

Robert Sutton, former chief historian of the National Park Service, joins Q&A to tell the story of a secret military intelligence facility near Washington, D.C., where 3,000 high-value Nazis were interrogated by U.S. servicemen during World War II. Mr. Sutton is the author of Nazis on the Potomac, which tells the story of the facility, codenamed P.O. Box 1142.

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New from C-SPAN Podcasts


In March of 2017, Lance Geiger, from the basement of his house in O'Fallon, Illinois, created a new business, a YouTube show that is now regularly seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Since that day in 2017, Geiger has been known as "The History Guy." He has produced hundreds of short documentaries on history. In his home studio, "The History Guy" is surrounded by artifacts, including military hats and ship models, and he's always dressed in his trademark dark suit, dark-rimmed glasses and bow tie. Lance Geiger joined Booknotes+ to talk about the genesis of the "The History Guy" program, the work involved in putting out three episodes a week and the success the show has attained.

Also: The Weekly 
remembers the friendship and mutual admiration between Republican Johnny Isakson and Democrat John Lewis, both Georgians, through 20 years of public praise — and equally public hugs — in the House of Representatives.

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