Friday, January 14, 2022



Friday, January 28, at 8 pm, and continues Saturday, January 29, at 8 pm and Sunday, January 30, at 2 pm.
 McCarter Theatre, 90 University Pl., Princeton
Tickets are only available for Princeton University students, faculty, and personnel. We hope that the rest of the public will be able to join us for our Reunions encore shows on May 20th and 21st, 2022. To order, call 1-609-258-2787 or contact the McCarter box office.
Please visit for more information.  

The Princeton Triangle Club, continuing its tradition of presenting an original musical comedy, a riotous railroad revue, created by Princeton University’s most talented writers, composers, technicians and performers. 

For 131 years, Princeton’s Famous Triangle Show has entertained audiences as the nation’s oldest touring collegiate musical comedy troupe. Based at McCarter Theatre—“the House that Triangle Built” —in Princeton, NJ, Triangle creates original musical comedy every year written and performed by students, directed and choreographed by professionals. 

The Club boasts a rich history and long list of distinguished alumni including F. Scott Fitzgerald, class of 1917, Jimmy Stewart ‘32, Brooke Shields ‘87, Ellie Kemper ‘02 and Catherine Cohen ‘13. This year’s members include over 100 students working across disciplines—cast, pit orchestra, tech, business and writers—who have diverse academic interests and include Triangle as a central part of their undergraduate life. Triangle is also proud to have alumni working on its professional team, including music director Peter Mills ‘95. This year’s show is directed by Rachel Dart, a New York City-based director and founder of Let Us Work, a group that aims to combat and end sexual harassment in theatre.

Singin’ in the Train: The Biggest Musical About the Dinkiest Train is Triangle’s ode to the Dinky, Princeton’s very own, very small NJ Transit line! When the Dinky’s future is threatened (this happens in real life!) by a Princeton alum gone mad with power (this never happens in real life!), she’ll come face to face with the true meaning of trains … by way of bandits, trolls, and plenty of singing and dancing. Showcasing the work of thirteen of Princeton’s most talented student writers and featuring Triangle’s signature kickline, Singin’ in the Train is an experience you won’t want to miss! (Like trains. You… you miss trains, sometimes. Forget it.)