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NEW THIS WEEK FROM C-SPAN: Do we really need a president? Historians weigh in.


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DEC. 18, 2021

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Do We Really Need a President?
on The Presidency

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This week on The Presidency, historian Allen Guelzo and other scholars address a fundamental question about American democracy: Do we really need a president? The Heritage Foundation hosts this virtual event, which includes a discussion about how faith has influenced executive decisions.


“(Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation is) probably the most important single decision a president has to make in terms of domestic policy in the 19th century. And he explains it to his Cabinet in terms of what he called a covenant, a vow he had made with God. ... Now this astonished the members of his Cabinet. They were a bunch of hard-bitten politicians; they weren't used to this kind of thing. And one of them actually said, ‘Would you mind repeating yourself? Did I hear you correctly?’ And Lincoln said, ‘Yeah, I made a vow to my maker that I would issue this proclamation and now I am going to do it.’”



Also on The Presidency: Did you catch last week's program about presidential friendships? Watch it and other events hosted by the University of Virginia's Miller Center here. All previously aired American History TV programs like these are available to search and watch anytime.





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If you're looking forward to Saturday's program with Allen Guelzo, mark your calendar for Sunday, Jan. 2, when the author and historian will join Book TV's live call-in program, In Depth, to discuss his work. Sign up for the weekly Book TV newsletter for more information about the program before it airs.


Civil War Naval Warfare
on Lectures in History®

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Southern Utah University professor Laura June Davis teaches a class about Civil War naval warfare. She highlights instances of guerrilla attacks on U.S waterways and describes pro-Confederate sympathizers who sabotaged Union vessels.


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On Monday morning, American History TV will kick off weekday programming to lead into the three-day holiday weekend. Below are program highlights from each evening. Watch out for this newsletter on Thursday for an early look at the long weekend.

Monday – The Presidency
The Most Hated Presidents in American History
Tuesday — Pearl Harbor
Effects of Pearl Harbor on African Americans
Wednesday — The Civil War
Civil War Naval Leadership

Thursday — Recent History Books
Mike Duncan, Hero of Two Worlds 


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The Weekly podcast remembers Bob Dole as Senate comedian. The longtime lawmaker from Kansas died this month at the age of 98. Many tributes noted his fondness for quips, jokes and humor. This week's episode looks back at jokes he made in connection with his time in the U.S. Senate and includes some of his funniest lines. 

Roosevelt Montás came to the United States from the Dominican Republic in 1985 at the age of 12. He couldn't speak a word of English. He went on to get a Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, where he currently teaches. Professor Montás joined Booknotes+ to talk about his latest book, Rescuing Socrates, in which he chronicles his journey and explains how books by St. Augustine, Socrates, Freud and Gandhi changed his life.

Also: Presidential Recordings looks at calls after President Lyndon Johnson's sweeping victory in the 1964 presidential election over Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater.

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