Thursday, December 2, 2021


Morris County Park Commission

December 2, 2021

This Week:


Now through January 3

Trees and plants can survive all kinds of crazy winter weather.  Hunt through the gardens for signs on the adaptions plants make in this family fun, non-contact scavenger hunt.  Click here to learn more.

Cost: $10 per family or group of 6.  Preregistration is required.


animal antics cowsANIMAL ANTICS: COWS

December 3

How fuzzy do cows get in the winter? Meet the Jersey cows of Fosterfields and get a chance to brush them, listen to a story and create a craft to take home!  Check it out!

Cost: $10 per child.  Preregistration is required.


winter tree idWINTER TREE ID WALK

December 8

Head onto the wooded trails of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum to learn how to identify the native trees without their leaves.  Click here to learn more!

Cost: $15 per person. Preregistration is required.

Hiking Programs:


Nature Fact or Fiction Hike at Great Swamp – December 3

Can you tell a ladybug’s age by its spots?  If you cut a worm in half, do you get two worms?  Is the Daddy Long Legs the most venomous spider?  You’ll be amazed at the things you thought were true and true facts that are hard to believe about New Jersey animals!  Our naturalist will wow you with facts while you walk the trail.  Click here to learn more!

Cost: $4 per person. Preregistration is required.

Sleep, Stay, or Fly Away at Pyramid MountainDecember 5

Every animal must make a choice in the wintertime in order to survive.  Learn what NJ wildlife do - you'll be surprised at the answers! - on an easy hike with a naturalist.  Learn more.

Cost: $4 per person. Preregistration is required.

Leave No Trace Hike at Great Swamp December 8

We hear the term "Leave No Trace" all the time, but what does it really mean?  It turns out there are 7 principles of LNT that every hiker, camper or nature enthusiast should know.  Learn all about them as you take a guided walk with a naturalist.  Click here.

Cost: FREE. Preregistration is required.