Sunday, November 14, 2021

NJ Theatre Alliance & NJ State Council on the Arts Release Video Series Showcasing NJ Individual Artist Fellowships

7 Questions for 7 Playwrights 

WHERE: The New Jersey Theatre Alliance’s YouTube page:

New Jersey Theatre Alliance (“The Alliance”), one of the state’s largest arts service organizations and New Jersey State Council on the Arts, partnered to release a video series, 7 Questions for 7 Playwrights to showcase seven playwright fellows who received awards for their work.

"The State Arts Council is proud to support the Playwright Fellows represented in the 7 Questions for 7 Playwrights video series,” said Danielle Bursk, Director of Artist Services for the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. “This video series gives a glimpse into the writers’ processes and motivations for creating new work, and provides an opportunity for audiences across the globe to learn more about some of the incredibly talented playwrights who call New Jersey home. The New Jersey Theatre Alliance went above and beyond to ensure our Playwriting Fellows were able to share their work widely, and we are honored to partner with them to showcase these artists."

In 2018, the seven playwrights were awarded New Jersey Individual Artist Fellowships from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. These competitive awards to New Jersey artists, in twelve different disciplines, are evaluated by an independent peer panel assessment of work samples. The anonymous review process is focused on artist quality, and awards may be used to help artists produce new work and advance their careers.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to host the planned public readings of works from the playwrights, this video series showcases each individual playwright, through seven questions:

1. Why did you start writing plays?

2. What is your New Jersey Individual Artist Fellowship story?

3. What kind of stories are you drawn to telling?

4. What ideas or questions do you find yourself exploring through your work?

5. What do you want people to know about your work?

6. How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you and your work?

7. Can you describe New Jersey’s theater community for us?

The videos feature playwrights: Deborah Brevoort, Joseph Gallo, Benjamin V. Marshall, John Pietrowski, Lia Romeo, Lesley Scammell and Ruth Zamoyta.

"The Alliance was delighted to partner with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts to showcase these wonderful New Jersey playwrights. We hope that the general public, as well as the many artistic directors of our state's theatres will enjoy getting to know these writers through these dynamic, candid, and intimate video conversations," said Erica Nagel, Deputy Director of the Alliance. "Although the pandemic changed our original plans to showcase specific plays by the writers, we were able to find other creative ways to support them such as a workshop on audio drama with experts from Audible, detailed notes sessions with leaders in the field, and of course these spotlight videos."