Friday, October 1, 2021

Israeli Dance Projects that Challenge the Stigma of Disability, Virtual Talk, Oct. 10









The Henry Schwartzman Endowed Program


Dance and Disability in Israel


Sunday, October 10, 1:00 p.m.




Professor Gili Hammer, an anthropologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, shares her research on integrated dance--an art form that brings together disabled and non-disabled dancers to challenge how disability is presented in the arts and public culture. Celebrating multiculturalism, integrated dance defies the societal stigma of disability as well as national, religious, and racial boundaries. Dr. Hammer will explore the Israeli aspects of these dance projects--both the societal barriers they help to break down and those they preserve and perpetuate.


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The Henry Schwartzman Endowed Faculty Seminar and Program were established by the late Arline Schwartzman in 2004 to honor her husband, Henry, and his dedication to Rutgers University. Gili Hammer will deliver the Henry Schwartzman Endowed Faculty Seminar, "Movement as Politics: Disability Dance and the Politics of Corporeal Aesthetics," this October.