Sunday, October 10, 2021

FROM THE USHMM: Fleeing Nazi Persecution Through Spanish-speaking Lands & more

Facing Nazi persecution during the Holocaust, Jews had few options for escape. At a time when many nations had strict quotas for immigration, some Jews were able to obtain permission to travel to countries in Latin America. Others braved escape from France trekking under cover of darkness through the Pyrenees mountains to Spain.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, explore stories about individuals from across the Spanish-speaking world who offered Jewish refugees help and hope.






Photos: Portrait of diplomatic rescuer George Mandel-Mantello. USHMM, courtesy of Enrico Mandel-Mantello; Dr. Natalio Berman, a Jewish immigrant and member of Chile's parliament, attends a Red Cross conference circa 1938–39. International Committee of the Red Cross; Di shtime / La Voz Israelita de Mexico no. 240, Mexico City, January 13, 1940; Film created in 1941 by the Dominican Republic Settlement Association. USHMM; Holocaust survivor Michel Margosis speaks at the Museum. USHMM; Betty and Marcel Frydman were rescued in the early 1940s by Chilean social worker Maria Errazuriz (formerly Maria Edwards). Yad Vashem; Robert Wagemann, a physically disabled Jehovah's Witness child, sits on his hospital bed in Berlin, circa 1942–43. USHMM, courtesy of Robert Wagemann