Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Rutherfurd Hall Presents a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre!





Presents a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre!


Friday, October 29th, at 7pm

$45 pp






Turn on the electrodes, raise the platform and throw the switch! 

A storm is brewing and you don’t want to miss this hilarious adaptation of Mary Shelly’s classic tale! Join Doctor Frankenstein and Igor as they “dig up” clues in this horror-themed murder mystery. 

But don’t worry, we promise it won’t cost you “morgue” than an arm or a leg! 

So grab your jumper cables, a shovel, and any “body” you can because it’s ALIVE! The forecast? Rain, lightning, and the 100% chance of chuckles! 

So be warned, FrankenMurder will tickle your funny bone and keep you in stitches but don’t worry— in the end you’ll live happily ever cadaver!


Includes Dinner catered by Mama's Cafe Baci. (BYOB)