Monday, August 2, 2021

Watch Live | First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors

First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors

First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors


During our next First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors, Rachel (Rae) Goldfarb will talk about her experiences as a Jewish girl under Nazi occupation and how her mother’s quick thinking helped them escape from two ghettos and later join a group of partisan fighters.

Each episode of First Person features a one-hour discussion with a survivor, facilitated by journalist Bill Benson. Guests also answer questions from the audience, live during the program.


Wednesday, August 4, 1 p.m. ET
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s YouTube page



Rae Goldfarb was ten years old when the Nazis occupied her Polish hometown. They forced Jews into a small area designated as a ghetto, which included Rae’s family home. Fearing for their safety after mass killings began, Rae’s mother hid the family behind a double wall between their home and what had been the warehouse of the fabric business they were forced to close. Watch live and ask Rae a question.

You do not need a YouTube account to view our program. After the live broadcast, it will be available to watch on demand on the Museum's YouTube page.

First Person is made possible through generous support from the Louis Franklin Smith Foundation, with additional funding from the Arlene and Daniel Fisher Foundation.

Photo: Holocaust survivor Rachel (Rae) Goldfarb as a teenager (courtesy of Rae Goldfarb) and as an adult, today. US Holocaust Memorial Museum


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