Monday, August 30, 2021

School days begin again...

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

In the Holocaust era, because the Nazis denied access to public schooling for Jewish students, parents had to find creative ways to educate their children, even while fighting to survive. The stories below illustrate the steadfast commitment to education then, and today, in places such as war-ravaged Syria.






Photos: Portrait of Yoka Verdoner in Hilversum, Netherlands, 1942. USHMM, courtesy of Francisca Verdoner Kan; Gerd Zwienicki (later Jacob Wiener) studies outside the Wuerzburg, Germany, Jewish teachers seminary, 1938. USHMM, courtesy of Jacob G. Wiener; Students at a school in Syria for orphaned, displaced children. The Wisdom House Project; After the Holocaust, this girl attended elementary school at the Neu Freimann displaced persons camp in Munich. USHMM, courtesy of Jack Sutin; Stella Rein, headmaster of the Łódź ghetto's high school, poses with girls, circa 1940–41. USHMM, courtesy of Arie Ben Menachem; Norwegian teachers imprisoned in the Falstad, Norway, concentration camp for their refusal to participate in the Nazi Teachers Association, 1942. USHMM, unknown provenance; Staff at the Jewish-owned Leopold Seligman company in Hausvogteiplatz, Berlin, 1933. Archive Westphal



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