Thursday, August 26, 2021

Don't Miss Today's Weekly Blast: Black Annies, White Annies


This week, The Broadway Maven looks at Annie:

  • On Monday, August 30, at Noon and 8 pm ET, there will be a FREE Zoom class exploring the show about that Little Orphan. Register here.

  • This Weekly Blast looks at the issues surrounding casting a black Annie; RAVES about the return of Broadway; RAVES about a great article detailing the hidden references in Schmigadoon; and links to two YouTube GEMs: a Motown-style cover of “Tomorrow” (included in this PREVIEW issue) and a commercial parody of an Annie reunion.

Here’s Broadway great Shoshana Bean singing “Tomorrow” in the style of Motown. About halfway through it gets really, really good. Classic.

Broadway’s Annie is the spunky heroine of the eponymous show, in which her optimism helps those around her survive the Great Depression. What role does the song “Tomorrow” play in the show? Is Annie the “main character” or is it Daddy Warbucks? (The main character is usually thought of as the one who changes.) How does Miss Hannigan rank among Broadway villains? What’s wrong with the song “It’s the Hard-Knock Life”?

In classic Broadway Maven fashion, we’ll have an interactive presentation about the show, exploring its themes, music and lyrics. Register:

Which high school Annie sings “Tomorrow” the best? Watch the video below and pick which of these nine Annies you feel really nails the song, and explain why in the comments.

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—David Benkof, The Broadway Maven

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