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Color Riot! How Color Changed Navajo Textiles

Velma Kee Craig (Navajo, b. 1977)
Bar Code/QR Code, 2013
One-ply commercial yarn, aniline dyes
Heard Museum Collection
Image: Craig Smith, Courtesy of the Heard Museum


Color Riot! How Color Changed Navajo Textiles
September 11, 2021–January 2, 2022

Color Riot! How Color Changed Navajo Textiles will open on September 11, 2021, and will run through January 2, 2022. Museum members will be invited to an Exhibition Preview on September 10, 2021.

Change has always been a hallmark of Navajo (Diné) textile design, with weavers’ individualism a running thread. With Diné perspectives and the technical mastery of weavers at the heart of Color Riot!, this exhibition—featuring 70 bold artworks from 1860–1930 and the present­—celebrates the courage and vision to experiment.

Color Riot! was organized by the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. Laura J. Allen, MAM’s Curator of Native American Art, coordinated its presentation at the Montclair Art Museum. 

An additional room in the installation, developed with ArtTable Fellow Larissa Nez (Diné), highlights how weaving connects to Diné cultural ideas and other artistic practices, featuring the perspectives of musicians, boundary-pushing artists, and wearers of Navajo textiles as heritage and fashion, among others. 


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