Friday, July 16, 2021

Saturday on C-SPAN2: Dwight Eisenhower's World War II Leadership; Wally Funk on NASA 

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JULY 17, 2021



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Below are some of the programs coming up Saturday on American History TV.

Dwight Eisenhower's World War II Leadership on The Presidency

Watch it: 2 pm ET Saturday


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Dwight Eisenhower's grandson David discusses Ike the man and his leadership during World War II. He talks with Brian Hauenstein, grandson of Col. Ralph Hauenstein, who served as chief of the Intelligence Branch in the Army’s European Theater.


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Wally Funk
on Oral Histories

Watch it: 3:30 pm ET Saturday


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Sixty years after her NASA astronaut training, Wally Funk is going into space July 20 in a private rocket with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. She recalls the earliest days of the space program — explaining why the famed Mercury 7 astronauts went into space but not any of the 13 so-called First Lady Astronaut Trainees. This 1999 oral history is from the NASA Johnson Space Center History Collection.



“How well do women do things? How well did they come across on the Mayflower? Terrific. How well did they go across the prairies and settle the West in their covered wagons? ... Why can't we fly and go into space? The men today who think that we can't, as women, do things — sorry, folks, we can do it.”





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