Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ember Choir Returns to Live Performance


WHEN: Saturday, June 12, 7 PM, and Sunday, June 13, 5 PM
WHERE: see below
start at just $10.00

Ember, the critically acclaimed choral ensemble of Schola Cantorum on Hudson, will present a live and virtual, season finale concert where we examine this period in our lives between what was and what will be. We learned new ways of living and working; new ways of being human with other humans. Some changes we will certainly be glad to forfeit as soon as we can. Others we may elect to retain, having learned new things that enhance life. Tickets .
WHEN: Saturday, June 12, 2021, 7:00pm
Available for streaming and an immersive 360° virtual reality performance from St. John’s in the Village, NYC
TICKETS:  starting at $10.00 
WHEN: Saturday, June 12, 2021, 7:00pm
WHERE: St. John’s in the Village, 218 West 11th Street, New York, NY 10014
TICKETS: starting at $10.00 here:
*Strict COVID safety protocols will be in place. Limited tickets available. Must wear a face mask to enter.
WHEN: Sunday, June 13, 2021, 5:00pm
WHERE: Our Lady of Sorrows Church, 217 Prospect Street, South Orange, NJ  07079
TICKETS: starting at $10.00 here
*Strict COVID safety protocols will be in place. Limited tickets available. Must wear a face mask to enter.
In our “Release” and “Emerge” series, we seek to express observations about what we can learn from this time of global pandemic.  Certainly, we have all ceased activities as usual for a time.  Equally universal is a desire to reconnect with the world, as health realities allow.  The questions we ask in this concert are how do we emerge from this time of relative dormancy?  Do we “go back” to all as it used to be?  Can we really even “go back?”  

The concert will begin with “To Sit and Dream” by Rosephanye Powell.  The ensemble will also showcase another piece by Ola Gjeilo with “Unicornis Captivatur”.  

Additional selections of the concert include “And Einstein Said” by Trent Worthington, “The Spaces in Between Us” arranged by Larry Nickel, “Sound Over All Waters” by William V. Malpede, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Paul Simon and arranged by V Peterson, and “I Believe” by Mark Miller.

“Wisdom seems to suggest an introspective responsiveness to significant events,” commented Dr. Deborah Simpkin King, Founding Artistic Director.  “One of our compositions, ‘Unicornis captivator’ by Ola Gjeilo, draws upon a theme represented in most religions as well as in mythology that points to the healing power within each of us, if we listen to it.  We all find our own unique way, and, as always, the notion that we can be ‘a bridge over troubled waters’ for each other in times of trial is heart and soul of how we seek to live and love and sing, as Ember.”

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Schola Cantorum on Hudson (Ember), a not-for-profit arts organization under the direction of Dr. Deborah Simpkin King (Founding Artistic Director) and Karen Gonon (Interim Executive Director) is made possible, in part, by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and the Investors Foundation