Wednesday, June 30, 2021

10 Best Family-Friendly Road Trip Routes in New Jersey

Article written by Karina Tama for DMV Written Test, which offers free online road tests for every state in the USA

Are you planning on your next family road trip? If you come from New Jersey or you live nearby, anytime is the perfect time to explore the scenic routes in New Jersey. There are plenty of scenic views, tourist attractions, and majestic places to see across the state.

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Now, here are the 10 best family-friendly road trip routes in New Jersey:

1. Route 519

If you want to enjoy plenty of scenery, then Route 519 won’t disappoint. You’ll find many scenic views and beautiful sights as you cruise along the twists and turns of this famous New Jersey route. Stretching 89 miles, the road offers plenty to see herefrom vineyards to horse farms. Great scenic points include the Old Red Mill up in Clinton and the Newfoundland Train Station. No wonder many call this route the Land of Make Believe Highway.

2. Route 15

One of the most scenic routes in North Jersey is Route 15. Formerly called the Union Turnpike, this scenic route is 19.5 miles long and stretches from Dover to Frankford Township. Along the way, you’ll pass through stunning views of streams, farms, and the Sussex airport fields. It’s the perfect route to take when you head to High Point State Park. The best time to go on a trip on this route is during Fall.

3. Delaware River Scenic Byway

Delaware River Scenic Byway is a family-friendly route perfect for getting some scenic water views. Watch sailboats on the river or simply stand in awe of the beautiful surroundings. Along the way, you’ll pass by historic towns like Raven Rock and Frenchtown. The route is also known for witnessing beautiful foliage in the Fall.

4. Palisades Scenic Byway

If you want to go on a short drive, then drive along the Palisades Scenic Byway. With just a length of 13 miles, this byway lets you see the best of Bergen County, including the vast 2,500-acre parkland stretching all the way up to the state border. This route offers great fall foliage views and scenic spots for picnicking and hiking.

5. Garden State Parkway

One of the picturesque roads to drive when you’re in Central Jersey is the Garden State Parkway. It offers a breathtaking road trip, especially in Fall. The most scenic part of this route is between 0 and Exit 54. Marvel at marinas under the bridge, beautiful stone archways and bridges, and other exciting sights.

6. Route 295

Being a big highway, Route 295 can be congested at times, but it’s still a great family-friendly road trip route. You can stop by a scenic overlook or go for a short hike along the Crosswicks Creek and through the Abbott Marshlands. If you’re headed south, there’s a nice scenic overlook where you can stop by to marvel at the sheer grandeur of the Delaware River.

7. Ocean Drive

A road trip on Ocean Drive is simply stunning. The drive offers a lot of breathtaking spots. Taking around three hours to travel, you can pass through and stop by some great scenic points, including the Sea Isle City, Stone Harbor, Avalon marina, Ocean City, and Longport bridges. 

8. Route 542

Route 542 is a perfect route if you simply wish to enjoy the peace and quiet. Known as the Batsto Wilderness Route, this route lets you get in touch with nature up close. There are plenty of historical sites in Batsto Village. Some of the exciting places to explore along this route are the Jersey Devil (for hiking), Pine Barrens, Wading River, and Mullica River.

9. Harding Highway

Harding Highway, or simply Route 40, is a picturesque route from Mays Landing to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Stretching about 65 miles, this route offers great scenic points, including the Saw Mill Park in Richland. Popular tourist attractions you’ll pass through or stop at are the Patcong Valley Model Railroad Club, Salem County Fairgrounds, and the Belleview Winery.

10. CR 563

Stretching 43 miles, the CR 563 takes you through thick forested pine areas and the beautiful countryside. The route starts from Margate City to Woodland Township.