Sunday, May 2, 2021

Meet the Artist: New Play Readings Wednesdays in May! 


All readings will be held on Zoom at 7 pm, and advance registration is required. Admission is $10, and tickets can be purchased at or using the links in this newsletter.

A link to the performance will be sent after purchase.




by Aly Kantor

Wednesday, May 5, @ 7:00 pm 



The Cast

Jennica Carmona

Emily Williams

Director: Laura Ekstrand


From 9/11 to the pandemic, Amelia and Jac have been best friends who share everything with each other. As the play hopscotches from one American tragedy to the next, the two girls turn into women. They try to understand how their own lives fit into the history of our time from the perspective of a series of bathroom stalls over the years. Comedic, heartfelt and true, Occupied traces the path of this generation through a personal lens.





by Joe Sutton

Wednesday, May 12, @ 7:00 pm



The Cast

Clark Carmichael

Uma Paranjpe

Harriett Trangucci

Lori Vega

Director: Laura Ekstrand


Do you recall the famous phone call Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, made to Anita Hill years after her original testimony? If you do, you may also recall that Ginni Thomas left a message on Anita Hill’s answering machine asking her to apologize. Why? That is the question explored in the new play TWIRL, a play very much inspired by that original phone call. The Justice involved is nothing like Clarence Thomas, but the issues surrounding that call are very similar indeed. And they all raise the question—what did she hope for?





by James McLindon

Wednesday, May 19, @ 7:00 pm



The Cast

Daria M. Sullivan

Jason Szamreta

Director: Laura Ekstrand


Lane, a white man in his 30's picks up a teenage hitchhiker, Dee, and quickly discovers that all of his preconceived notions about this bi-racial young woman are wrong ... about as wrong as all of her preconceived notions about him. Together, they each have to discover where the other has been, and decide where they themselves are going, and in the process form, to their surprise, a temporary family.




Water in My Hands

by Emma Gibson

Wednesday, May 26, @ 7:00 pm



The Cast

Neimah Djourabchi

Becca McLarty

Scott McGowan

Kevin Sebastian

Joelle Zazz

Director: Laura Ekstrand


Sorrel is busy preparing for her wedding even though her fianc√© has just died, and Maria’s eyebrows are still not growing back. Gerry wants to know if the weather will improve so that he can lie on his back in the grass, and Eric’s wife has someone else’s heart beating inside her. Through a series of interweaving accounts, Water in My Hands, lays bare the power of grief, and asks, ‘how do we move on when we are haunted by the life that we have not yet lived?’



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