Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Submissions from 50 Performers poster.jpg

We are accepting Submissions—No Fee to Submit—from Performers in the following categories: Dancers, Bands, Singers, Playwrights, Spoken Word Artists, Visual Artists.


Sometimes people who are the victim of abuse grow up to be like the person who abused them. That's what your piece must be about. THE TALE OF Y. 

We will select a total of 50 submissions from the categories mentioned above. 

  • If you are submitting a Dance piece, it must be no longer than 10 minutes in length. Deadline to submit is May 26th
  • Singers and Bands, your song must not exceed 3.5 minutes. Deadline to submit is May 26th
  • Spoken Word Artists, your piece must not exceed 3 minutes. Deadline to submit is May 26th
  • Visual Artists, you can submit up to 5 paintings, drawings or artwork to share with our viewers. Deadline to submit is May 26th. You may be present to talk about your artwork on the day of the event if you are selected. 
  • Playwrights, if you are are submitting a play that we have to find a director to cast and present a finish product you must submit the script by May 21st. The script must use Arial Font 12 pt and be double spaced. Double space between dialogue. If you are submitting your play as a performed play, then your deadline to submit is May 26th. The running time of your play must not exceed 10 minutes. 
  • All artists please share your videos or artwork via Dropbox. Our email on Dropbox to share your file is or share your video or artwork via send it to
  • Also include a brief bio of yourself and a Jpeg photo of yourself. We do not discriminate. 
  • We celebrate all artists, all genders. PLEASE NOTE THAT'S OUR MISSION TO CELEBRATE ALL ARTISTS. 
  • If your work is accepted, we will show it on our Zoom platform as a webinar and Livestream it on our Facebook page on Monday, May 31st.