Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tomorrow: What Can Our Chimpanzee Cousins Tell Us About Us?



Two chimpanzees play on a tree branch.



SciCafe: The Chimpanzee Within Us

Can our closest cousins, the chimpanzees, offer insights about why humans are the way we are? Anthropologists Alexandra Rosati and Zarin Machanda lead the April SciCafe tomorrow, April 7, at 7 pm ET, with a look at chimpanzee social lives and how turning back the evolutionary clock can help us glimpse the origins of human cognition and behavior.





An array of Tarahumara objects, including bowls, bows, arrows, and weavings.


The Scientist Is In: Rarámuri Indigenous Culture Today

On Thursday, April 8, at 2 pm ET, join an exciting conversation about Rarámuri (Tarahumara) Indigenous culture from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico with a team of experts, from agroecologists to artists and activists. This family-friendly program will feature highlights from the Museum's archival collection of photographs of the Rarámuri and insights about this thriving contemporary culture.





A Blue Whale


Meet the Giants of the Sea

In four fascinating videos, come along with researchers who tag and track blue whales to help solve some of the scientific mysteries surrounding the world’s largest animal. You’ll discover how they got so big, what they do underwater, and why the way they feed is important for the health of the entire ocean ecosystem.





Large sphere that displays Earth's convection patterns and other displays in the Hall of Planet Earth.


Hall Tour: Hall of Planet Earth

In the run-up to Earth Day, get an exciting look at the dynamic planet we call home! On Monday, April 12, at noon ET, join a live virtual tour of the Museum’s Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth with Museum guide Michael Hamburg as he shares the unique ingredients that make life on Earth possible. How did oceans form? What do rocks tell us about oxygen in the atmosphere? Why is Earth habitable? Bring your questions about how our planet works!





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