Friday, April 9, 2021

Get Ready for Together Apart, premiering April 6!

Together Apart

A Web Series

Beginning Tuesday, April 6

on Facebook and other social media channels.

Episodes will be released weekly through May 11.


Together Apart is the comic brainchild of Dreamcatcher member Dave Maulbeck, and is written by Maulbeck and David Lee White.

With production design by Jeff Ertz and graphic design by Yolanda Fundora, the series hearkens back to sitcoms of the 80s and 90s.

 An oddball collection of characters lives together in a house run by Mrs. Garrett, the possibly benign den mother of the group.

 Residents include an alien, a detective, a cowboy, a monk and many others, but all characters are merely heads on television screens. Each episode contains a different adventure, replete with mishaps and mayhem.

Meet the TVs in the video below!

Together Apart Introduction


Nicole Callender

Clark Carmichael

Harry Patrick Christian

Laura Ekstrand

Noreen Farley

Julian Blake Gordon

Scott McGowan

Daria M. Sullivan

Jason Szamreta

Harriett Trangucci