Wednesday, March 17, 2021

PLAGUE DOCTOR, an amazing new play by Charlotte Ahlin! Live Streaming!

a new play written by Charlotte Ahlin
directed by David Lee Huynh. 

WHEN: March 18th – 21st
The SoHo Playhouse 

This is *not* a Zoom play! This is a LIVE theatrical performance, filmed and streamed directly from the Soho Playhouse to your computer screen! With real people and everything!

Come for the creepy bird mask, stay for the whirlwind tour of musical theater, fairy tales, comedy, Greco-Roman history, and reality show intrigue!

It’s an ordinary night in for roommates Cosmo, Casey, Roz, and Filomena. They bicker over chores, surf Netflix, and fend off the medieval Plague Doctor who haunts the corners of their apartment. But tonight, they’ve found a new way to relieve the monotony: a storytelling contest with perilous stakes. As they spin their tales, genres weave together and fictional worlds spring to life—and the good Doctor wants in.

PLAGUE DOCTOR is an irresponsibly loose retelling of The Decameron, co-produced by Fat Knight Theatre and Lizardfolk.

CAST: Charlotte Ahlin, Danielle Cohn, Donovan Mendelovitz, Nikky Robinson, Aubrey Lace Taylor

Please support the young artists who are giving their all for the return of live theatre!