Saturday, February 13, 2021

JHS of NJ Celebrates President's Day


This year’s President’s Day, February 15, 2021, is a perfect opportunity for the Jewish Historical Society to share its photographs of United States presidents, and their wives, who are featured with members of our Greater MetroWest community.

Jews have always held this nation’s presidents in high regard. For example, Newark’s only Jewish mayor, Meyer Ellenstein is featured with a photograph of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the background. Their blind faith in President Roosevelt was summed up in Yiddish with the quote “Die velt,” meaning this world, “Yenen velt,” meaning the next world, and “Roosevelt”.

To win a year’s free membership to the JHS, we encourage you to identify the US president in each of our photographs, preferably in chronological order, and send us an email identifying each, as well as other people in each photo if you can, and we will put your name “in a hat” (not a stove pipe hat that Lincoln wore) but a hat sold by one time “Nellie’s” hat store and notify the winner promptly.

Please send your submissions to: by February 28, 2021