Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Montclair Orchestra Donates Violins for Students in Need

The Montclair Orchestra is pleased to announce a gift of six student violins to benefit local nonprofit Succeed2gether, an organization providing low-income students in the Greater Montclair area with a variety of free educational opportunities, including free tutoring. Succeed2gether has been offering its students the opportunity to learn violin at no cost, with Aurora Mendez, a Montclair Orchestra Fellow alumna. The violin lessons have been very popular with Succeed2gether’s students, and the program usually has a wait list.

Succeed2gether recently learned that instruments they had on loan had to be returned, and reached out to The Montclair Orchestra for ways to source instruments for its students. Andre Weker, President of The Montclair Orchestra, was able to coordinate with New Providence, NJ-based K&S Music to procure six student instruments, to ensure that the violin lessons for Succeed2gether’s students would continue without pause. The Montclair Orchestra hopes its gift will help motivate community members to join in and donate toward this important mission.

In addition to the instruments received from The Montclair Orchestra, Succeed2gether is in need of an additional ten instruments for the increased demand for its program. 

If you would like to donate a violin, or to make a donation towards the purchase of an instrument, please contact Jacqueline Mroz, Program Director for Succeed2gether at, or visit their website,

You can also contact The Montclair Orchestra to coordinate your gift by calling (973) 435-2906, or email