Friday, December 18, 2020


A Virtual Concert of Strength and Perseverance 

Featuring a large cast of over 70 performers, Home for the Holidays: Stronger Together includes songs from a wide variety of musicals and pop artists that exemplify inner strength and perseverance. After a year of incredible tests and trials, we celebrate our individual and collective triumphs, no matter how small. Theatre is a powerful outlet for so many and if this time apart has taught us nothing else, we have learned that our love for music and passion for the arts will always be there for us in our time of need. 



Christopher Abt, Emma Ballinger, Ally Barton, Karum Bhawnani, Madeline Bobish, Paige Bojanowski, Cody Braverman, Jayson Cahillane, Natalie Chan, Aiden Cistrelli, Daniela Colella, Zoë Collins-Murphy, Caitlyn Costello, Robbie Crandall, Teddy Cummings, Marianna Daley, Molly Eriksen, Jessica Feit, Mackenna Fischer, Elizabeth Ford, Sylvie Friedman, Sophie Maya Glenn, Jake Gluckman, Jordyn Gulliford, Quincy Hampton, Cecelia Hirawat, Ashley Hoberman, Vienna Holmes, Eve Johnson, Halle Just, Benjamin Karras, Morgan Kelleher, Isabelle Latorre, Dylan Levison, Lena Marano, Alex Maron, Lindsay Maron,

Carly Mazer, Julia McComiskey, Christopher McCrewell, Kathryn McManus, Kate McManus, Rachel Mendoza, Rachel Perl, Erin Peters, Peter Piccini, Kayleigh Pitts, Leah Platt, Mitchell Pressel, Katherine Purdy, Jacquelyn Reig, Taryn Ribaudo, Marissa Rowley, Olivia Ruhnke, Katherine Ryan, Sami Schneider, Avelyn Simons, Arielle Solomon, Hannah Solomon, Fiona Stanio, Holly Stefanik, Sam Sz, Dylan Tanzer, Emma Tanzer, Emersyn Teicher, Mia Ulrich, Gabrielle Vecciarelli, Nicole Verga, Vincent Wilson, Lyra Winton, Crystal Wright, Emily Wyrwa, Dani Yannuzzi, Lily Yezdanian


With a special performance by Broadway’s Zachary Noah Piser (Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked) and Adam Rothenberg (Company, Miss Saigon)

Premiering Sunday, December 20, at 7:30pm