Friday, November 6, 2020

Home for the Holidays: Virtual Classes Begin This Weekend!

Come sing and dance with us AND get to be a large part of our annual Home for the Holidays event! 


Ages 6-11 meet Sundays from 11:30-1:30

Ages 12-18 meet Sundays from 3:00-5:00


Limited Spots Remain!!

It’s a PDP Family reunion—a chance to reconnect

with PDP friends for a special virtual concert!

Auditions Open to All Ages! 


This year's concert gives us a chance to find and show our strength during these trying times and remind ourselves and those around us just how powerful theatre and music can be. 


Performers will get a chance to work individually with the director and music director on their performance and recording. They will also have an opportunity to connect and engage with the full company through the making of the opening and closing numbers and a special cast only watch party before the big premiere. 


This year may look a bit different than years past but the end goal is the same. As always, Home for the Holidays will be a chance to celebrate our love of theatre, each other, and ourselves through song, dance and a union of friends new and old!


Video Submissions Due Sunday, November 15