Friday, November 13, 2020

Happy Friday the 13th from interACT Theatre Productions!

A GHOSTLIGHTS Message from our Artistic Director

Happy Friday the 13th! Here’s a message from interACT’s Artistic Director, Nick Clarey, who also wrote & directed our brand new audio production Ghostlights, the first show of our podcast interACT Audio Productions. 

We are proud of this new kind of entertainment, taking place of our traditional on-stage entertainment for now.

The Fourth and final episode, Bride, releases TODAY, Friday the 13th of November, so please consider making your $15 contribution to access Ghostlights here. Thank you & stay safe!

A GHOSTLIGHTS Message from our Artistic Director

GHOSTLIGHTS: A four-part, historically-inspired, audio horror drama series.

Follow the cast of Time and Again by Damon Lombroso as they move out of the rehearsal hall and into the theater built by him over a century ago. When an anonymous box mysteriously appears at the dressing room door of actress Sarah Blake, could it mean something sinister is in store, or is it just a show-week prank? 

GHOSTLIGHTS is a horror audio-drama that pays homage to real-life legends, ghost stories, and tragedies from the world of theater presented in a brand new chilling tale.

Episode 2: "Balcony" is available now! To access episodes 2-4, bonus content, or listen free to episode 1, visit us here