Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Discover the people and events that help document the American story.

Tune in this holiday weekend for four days of American History TV—starting at
8 am ET on Thanksgiving Day. We hope you enjoy these extra days of American History TV, and we thank you for watching all year long!  


Virtual Mayflower Project

Watch it: 8 pm ET Thursday


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To mark the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival in Plymouth, Massachusetts, we talked to Robert Stone, director of the Virtual Mayflower Project. The project uses virtual reality to recreate the ship and the Plymouth, England, harbor from which it set sail. Using avatars and 360-degree images of the virtual world, Professor Stone describes what life might have been like for the Pilgrims and crew in the 17th century port.



Leadership & James Baker's Career
Watch it: 7 pm ET Saturday


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James Baker served as secretary of state for President George H.W. Bush, and as Ronald Reagan's White House chief of staff and treasury secretary. He's interviewed about leadership and his career by attorney and historian Talmage Boston in this program hosted by Baylor University Law School.






James Buchanan & William Rufus King Relationship
on Lectures in History®

Watch it: 8 pm and midnight ET Saturday


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Eastern Connecticut State University professor Thomas Balcerski teaches a class on the relationship between two prominent mid-19th century politicians: James Buchanan, who was elected the nation's 15th president in 1856, and William Rufus King, who served briefly as vice president under Buchanan's predecessor, Franklin Pierce. Both men were lifelong bachelors and Professor Balcerski explores the gossip of the time that the two close confidants might have been more than friends — a notion that persists to this day. 



“In the years before the Civil War, friendships among politicians such as Buchanan and King provided a crucial way to bridge the growing chasm between the North and the South. Simply put, friendships provided the political glue that bound together a nation on the precipice of disunion.”



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JFK Assassination Records
on American Artifacts®

Watch it: 6 pm and 10 pm ET Sunday

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. We visited the National Archives in 2014 to learn about the assassination records and to see some of the iconic artifacts, such as Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle, the so-called "magic bullet" and the original 8 millimeter film of the assassination taken by Abraham Zapruder. Our guide was Martha Wagner Murphy, who managed the staff that maintains the records. 


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Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on The Presidency

Watch it: 8 pm and midnight ET Sunday

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum director Duke Blackwood takes us on a virtual tour of the facility in Simi Valley, California, about an hour northwest of Los Angeles. The museum showcases the legacy of the nation's 40th president. Mr. Blackwood also takes questions from viewers and National Archives Foundation executive director Patrick Madden. The National Archives Foundation hosted this event.