Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Flip Side: Halloween: Tonight @ 7PM

The Flip Side: Halloween

will debut

on Facebook and YouTube on 

Thursday, October 29, at 7 pm.

The 30-minute performance is free, and after its debut it will be available on along with all previous virtual Flip Side shows.

The Flip Side is Dreamcatcher’s house improv team, directed by Dave Maulbeck (Maplewood) and featuring Clark Carmichael (Montclair), Laura Ekstrand (Livingston), Noreen Farley (Clinton), Lulu French (Maplewood), Julian Blake Gordon (Jersey City), Scott McGowan (Maplewood), David Lee White (Bordentown), and Emaline Williams (Hackettstown).

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AND... you can still listen to Ways To Be Happy! 

Ways To Be Happy

by David Lee White


Originally scheduled for production in the spring of 2020, Ways to be Happy has come to life as an audio play. This comedy about chasing our inalienable right covers multiple locations using listeners’ imaginations and the lively sound design of Jeff Knapp. Darting from a convenience store to a cabin in the woods to a theme park, Maddie and the unusual people she meets are searching for happiness. Does it exist? Or is the world fundamentally rigged? The recording is available now.


"Just listened to Ways to be Happy, and loved it!!!...I was riveted to my seat. Compelling performances, awesome sound design and direction."

-Betsy True


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Watch Dreamcatcher Rep on your TV instead of your phone or computer

 With COVID closures and social distancing, do you miss us? We miss you! Luckily we’ve been able to harness technology and perform regularly online. Hundreds of you have been safely watching our performances on your computers, mobile phones, tablets and TVs.

Yes, even on your TVs!

You might already have what it takes to watch our programming at home on your big TV. If not, you might only need to purchase an inexpensive cable or streaming device, depending on what else you already have.

 The four easiest ways to watch us perform on your TV are:

1. WIRE FROM COMPUTER • connect your PC or laptop directly to the TV using an HDMI cable.

2. WIRELESS APPLE • cast from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the TV using an Apple TV box

3. WIRELESS ANDROID • cast from your Android smartphone, tablet or Chromebook to the TV using a Google Chromecast

4. SMART TV • search for Dreamcatcher Rep in the YouTube app built into your smart TV

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